Working with the Control Panel

SpreadsheetWEB consists of two components: The Wizard that runs on your computer and the Control Panel that is a browser-based administrative tool that runs on our servers. The image below illustrates this. 

The three major components of SpreadsheetWEB: from your PC to our servers.

The SpreadsheetWEB Wizard allows you to prepare your spreadsheets as web applications that can then be hosted on our servers.

The SpreadsheetWEB Control Panel allows you to manage the web applications that are hosted on our servers. Additionally, it adds the functionality of creating users and groups, managing your account settings, generating codes for inclusion of your web applications in your website, blog, etc. 

Working with the Control Panel

The control panel has three main tabs. Clicking your username/avatar on the right hand side brings up the Help options and the My Account menu. Advanced features are under the Tools category. 

Switching Between Applications Page Views

You can switch between the List and Grid views using the two buttons on the top right corner of the applications area.

Grid View

List View