Conversion Web Applications

Designer Applications

Dashboard Applications

Web Services

Custom Applications

  • Web Applications are the default applications that you can create from an spreadsheet. Web applications captures user interface and calculation logic in your spreadsheet. They can also collect user data (transactions) through database integration.
  • Designer Applications are created by a drag-and-drop web interface. The goal is to create responsive user interfaces decoupled from the underlying spreadsheet model. The Designer interface is currently in beta.
  • Dashboard Reports are interactive data visualization applications. They can be tied to the database of an existing data collection web application. Alternatively, you can import any data to SpreadsheetWEB and create a report.
  • Web Services are used when another application need to communicate with a spreadsheet to use its calculation algorithm.
  • Custom Applications are applications with custom coded user interfaces. User interfaces can be coded using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and uploaded along with the spreadsheet file that handles all back-end calculations.

For more information about application settings, see Application Management.