Workbook Versioning

The underlying workbook of an SpreadsheetWEB application can be changed by replacing the old one in the Edit Application () page. This comes in really handy for when you need to make changes in an application, but need to keep the existing records and use the same URL for accessing it. Changes to the data, formulas or anything else that is not related to the user interface will only require saving the converted workbook and re-uploading it from Edit Application page. Any changes to the user interface, however, will require you to define the UI again using the Conversion Wizard. SpreadsheetWEB keeps all workbooks in the database and allows switching between them.

Please note that in some cases, records created with an different version of a workbook might require you to run them with the new version to get the latest results.

Let's take an example to demonstrate how switching between workbook versions work. This BOP Rater application has 3 different versions and each of these workbooks use 3 different coefficient factors in a formula. For this field, let's take the Version 1 to be the default. Version 2 calculates the premium by multiplying it with a factor of "1.1", and Version 3, with a factor of "0.9". 


Sample BOP Rater Worksheet Input Page

Version 1 calculated with original Building Premium

Version 2 calculated with Building Premium multiplied by 1.1

Version 3 calculated with Building Premium multiplied by 0.9 

Input Page of application on browser

All 3 versions of this workbook can be accessed from the Workbook History page. On the Applications tab, open an application in edit mode () and click Workbook History to access this page.

The version with the check mark () is the current active version. To make a different version active, click the x () next to it. You can also download these workbooks by clicking the download () icon.

Please note that the difference between workbook versions may be much more extensive than shown in this model.

Open a Record with the Original Workbook Version

On the Data tab, clicking Open with Original () in the Actions column will open that record with the workbook version it was created with.

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