Data Import

Import data offers bulk import of data into SpreadsheetWEB server. This is done by importing from an external data file (CSV) into the database of an existing data collection application published on SpreadsheetWEB. This is a quick way of populating the database of an application when migrating a process onto SpreadsheetWEB platform.

SpreadsheetWEB also allows importing data for traditional data visualization purposes. You can import any data from a flat text file and use SpreadsheetWEB's own data visualization module to create dashboards without any programming involved.

Step 1: Establish Data Hierarchy

Begin by selecting from available data import options. New Data will create a completely new data set. Append Data will add the imported data into an existing data map. Replace Data will replace an existing data map with the data you upload. Once you make your selection, you must define a name for your Data Map and Data Set. You can think of Data Set as the tables that contain actual data, and Data Map as a group of Data Sets.

Step 2: Upload the Data File

Here, click the Data File box, or simply drag and drop your data file into it. Then, assign the Data File to any number of Groups

Step 3: Field Mapping

On the third step, you can map the data columns from your CSV files to the ones in the database. When ready, press Next to start uploading your data.

Step 4: Import Process Complete

Last page will complete data import and show a report of successes and failures. This is the end of the data import and the new data will be available for the application under the Data Tab.